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St. Peter’s Engineering College has produced leaders, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, artists, writers and managers. Specanciens brings all these outstanding people and their collective wealth of knowledge and experience together on a single platform. This shared excellence is our contribution to the growing generation, the Institute and the society as a whole. ‘Engage, energize and enhance’. With this motto in mind, we seamlessly connect with the Institute, faculty, students and fellow alumni.

Tharun thelma







Tharun Theja S – President          Thelma Bose – Secretary

Every year, we students organize various events.

In most colleges, it is the management that plays a major part in activities such as these. But at SPEC, our management and the staff encourage we students to manage 100% of all these events –finance, chief guests, posters and banners, this and that – on a magnitude that will definitely be next only to the IIT and the Anna University in the state.

All these create in us a truly unwavering mind, focusing on targets, AND a fearless yet composed attitude, apart from teaching the knack of acting in a team.


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